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About Me

In 2007 I graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver with Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. I immediately began work as a 5th grade math teacher a Murphy Creek K-8 in Aurora Public Schools. I spent a few years serving as a technology coordinator for McGlone Elementary and DCIS Montbello. As a young teacher I had much to learn and was fortunate to be coached in math instruction weekly by our math teacher leader. As I grew in my instructional understandings I began to explore ways of integrating my love for technology into that math I instructed to students.

Today I work as the Assistant Principal for McGlone Academy where I build teachers into facilitators of learner through intellectual preparation risk taking. Preparing our students for the real world requires a pedagogical shift in how we view student learning in public education. By constantly pushing my teachers to put students first, I attempt to facilitate an education shift that is fragmented and absent in most public school sectors. A storm of innovation is brewing in education and although I am a “vapor in the wind” I will continue to learn and advocate for students as long as my body allows.