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Digital Badging

Badging is an incredibly easy way to recognize students for their contributions and achievements. The main problem is, there's not really an easy, all in one (free) system that allows you to do this! Teachers are busy, and may not have the time to create a system. Using Google Sheets you can keep it simple, implementing in your own classroom or school-wide badging system and even a leaderboard! We've sprinkled in some of our own special seasoning to create a system that can adapt as you create new badges! Using our "Special Sauce" Google Sheet you can add new badges at any time, and those badges instantly become available to all of your students! Like friendly competition? Use our  leaderboard Google Sheet that connects to all your kid's sheets, and updates/displays all your kids to determine the "top badger!" Think this sounds complicated? Please, don't worry! All you need to do is copy a few sheets, copy and paste one line of code, and create a few badges to get started!

Sound complicated? Don't worry! All you need to do is copy a few sheets, copy and paste one thing, 
and create a few badges to get started!
Documents you need are over on the right, and you can find videos below that walk you through the whole process to get up and running!


**New Updates**

Digital Badging is now BadgeU!
I'm really excited to announce that Digital Badging is now a Sheets Add-On!

You can either search for the BadgeU add-on in a new Google Sheet or click here to add BadgeU

(Optional Documents)

Leaderboard Template - This Sheet is optional, but with a few tweaks, will connect 
to a Google Form AND ALL the kids Badging Sheets to make a cool, 
easy to display Leaderboard! (Scroll to bottom for how to video)

Leaderboard Sign Up Form - This is a Google Form where kids can submit their badge sheet to be included in the leaderboard standings.

Badge Templates - We've created some badges for you to get started with until you become your own badging master!