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Google Drive

Drive is the heart and soul of Google Apps. This is where the magic happens as Drive allows you to create and share almost anything you can image. If you're a Google Apps for Business user, any Google Doc file doesn't count against your storage! Google Apps for Education users have unlimited storage. Here you'll find some basics about Google Drive for web and the Google Drive desktop app (although most of Drive's features are on the web). Here you'll discover ways to share and create documents as well as pro tips to help maximize your Drive experience.

Google Drive Tips and Tricks

Connected Apps for Drive

Connected apps are 3rd party programs that integrate into Google Drive. You can create anything from flow charts to videos and even 3D modeling and best of all, they save directly into your Google Drive. Below are some of my favorite programs.

To Find/Add Apps from Drive click the following:

Search for these awesome apps:
  • Doc Hub - Program that allows you to edit and manipulate PDF files. You can also capture a digital signature and sign PDF files.
  • PDF Mergy - Program that will take multiple documents, photos, PDFs, etc and merge them into one document!
  • Uber Conference - Start a conference call right in a Google Doc. Complete with phone number and conference number!
  • Draw.io - Easily create beautiful flowcharts and diagrams.
  • Multiple File Rename - Quickly rename multiple files in Drive based on specific parameters.
  • WeVideo - Edit and create professional videos right inside Drive!
  • Pixlr Editor - Powerful photo editing.

Google Chrome Apps and extensions for Drive

These Apps built for Chrome, work directly with Google Drive making your life easier and increasing productivity! Click on links below to be taken directly to the Google Chrome store where you can add/install these apps and extensions.
  • Mail to PDF, Print - Quickly turn multiple emails in Gmail into a PDF or print those multiple emails all at once. PDFs are saved directly to your Google Drive. You can also save bulk attachments directly to Drive!
  • Save to Google Drive - Chrome extension that saves any web page content or screenshot to Google Drive!
  • Cloud HQ - App that syncs files between Google Drive and other cloud services like Dropbox (freemium).
  • Cloud Convert - Website that converts any file from Drive, Dropbox, or your Computer HOWEVER, this app integrates directly with Google Drive so you can simply right click any file in your drive and instantly convert it!
  • Text to Drive - Select text on any website and save it directly to a Google Doc in Drive.

Google Drive Overview

Shortcuts for Google Drive

Shortcuts are just that, ways to use your keyboard to make things happen faster. Below are some of my personal favorite. 

Note that you can easily access a list of shortcuts by pressing Crl+/ (Windows) or Cmd+/ (Mac)

Note that if you're using a Mac, replace Ctrl with Cmd

Drive Shortcuts (Click Here for Full List)

 xSelect or deselect an item
Shift + down/up arrowSelect multiple documents at once
Shift + a   Select all VISIBLE items
Shift + nClear selection
n Rename a document/folder
zMove selected items to new folder
. (period)Share selected items
Shift + tCreate new Document
Shift + pCreate new Presentation
Shift + sCreate new Spreadsheet
Shift + fCreate new Folder
 /Search Google Drive

Docs Shortcuts (Click Here for Full List)

Crtl + K or Cmd + KCreate a hyperlink
Alt + Shift + 5   Strikethrough
Ctrl + [ or Cmd + [Decrease Indent
Ctrl + ] or Cmd + ]Increase Indent
Ctrl + Shift + 8Bulleted List
Crtl + Alt + MInsert Comment
Shift + Left/Right ArrowExtend Selected Text Left or Right
Crtl + Shift + CCheck Word Count

Sheets Shortcuts (Click Here for Full List)

Crtl + ZUndo (a life saver when you make as many mistakes as me)
Select ColumnCtrl + Space
Select RowShift + Space
Crtl + HFind and Replace 
Crtl + Shift + VPaste Values Only (does't keep formatting)
Crtl + Shift + 5Format Selection as Percent
Crtl + Shift + Page Up/DownMove to Next/Previous Sheet


When you're in Google Docs or Google Sheets, go to in the Menu Add-Ons --> Get Add-Ons and from there, search for various Add-Ons listed below. Of course you can browse and add any Add-Ons that looks interesting to you!

  • Easy Bib - Add on for Google Docs that helps you create and insert bibliographies right into your Google Doc.

  • Copy Folder - Add on for Google Sheets that lets you select any folder in drive, and duplicate that folder and all the contents in that folder.